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Canadian farmers' debt seen hitting fresh record high: lender

(Repeats Sept 6 story with no change to text) WINNIPEG, Manitoba, Sept 7 (Reuters) – Canadian farmers’ debt will likely reach another record high this year, while land appreciation slows and incomes flatten, but the industry is still in strong financial shape, the country’s biggest agriculture lender, Farm Credit Canada, forecast on Tuesday. Farm Credit […]

APNewsBreak: US set to destroy big chemical weapon stockpile

DENVER (AP) — The U.S. Army plans to start operating a $4.5 billion plant next week that will destroy the nation’s largest remaining stockpile of mustard agent, complying with an international treaty that bans chemical weapons, officials said Wednesday. The largely automated plant at the military’s Pueblo Chemical Depot in southern Colorado will begin destroying […]

Scientists Solve Mystery of 5,300-Year-Old Ice Man’s Clothes

About 5,300 years ago, a man now known as Ötzi had a very bad day. Nobody knows exactly how things unfolded but it all ended with an arrow to the shoulder, a blow to the head and a cut—perhaps a defensive wound—to one hand. Either way, Ötzi wound up dead and was soon buried and […]

Testing confirms new, rarely seen whale in Pacific Ocean

ANCHORAGE, Alaska (AP) — Genetic tests confirm that a mysterious, unnamed species of beaked whale only rarely seen alive by Japanese fishermen roams the northern Pacific Ocean, according to research published this week. The testing shows the black whales, with bulbous heads and beaks like porpoises, are not dwarf varieties of more common Baird’s beaked […]

Transgender Identity Is Not a Mental Health Disorder, Study Finds

People who identify as transgender should not be considered to have a mental health disorder, according to a new study from Mexico. The World Health Organization currently lists transgender identity as a mental health disorder, and the new study is the first in a series of research aimed at finding out whether this categorization is […]

City Noise Is Forcing Birds To Sing Off Key

From Popular Mechanics Living in the city in a noisy experience, but though the ruckus may irritate humans, research is showing that it could have way worse effects on a variety of birds and other animals who use sound to attract mates. Many animals are attracted to males with deep voices, usually in the range […]

U.N. tombstone listing celebrated as rare joint success in Balkans

SARAJEVO (Reuters) – A World Heritage listing for 70,000 medieval tombstones spread across four countries that emerged from Yugoslavia’s bloody break up in the 1990s was praised on Monday as a rare example of successful cooperation between the former foes. Bosnia, Croatia, Montenegro and Serbia, whose neighbourly relations often suffer over disputes dating back to […]

Hillary Clinton campaign deploys Donald Trump’s own words against him

Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign is launching a new Twitter account and hard-hitting television ad on Thursday in order to bash Donald Trump with his own past statements. The Twitter page, “Literally Trump,” will begin publishing messages at 10 a.m. ET. It will be paired with a matching Tumblr page. The tweets will feature quotes and […]

No silver lining in climate study

Paris (AFP) – Clouds, which act as thermal regulators for Earth, have altered in character and global distribution due to climate change, and could in turn make warming worse, a study said Monday. A trawl of satellite images has revealed reduced cloudiness in Earth’s temperate mid-latitude zones, which lie between the poles and subtropics in […]

Is pomegranate a superfruit? Anti-ageing properties revealed after exposure to gut bacteria

Pomegranates may hold the key to healthy ageing, scientists have said. The interaction between a specific molecule found in the fruit and gut bacteria could have a protective effect on cells. Pomegranates are often hailed as superfruits which can slow-down our ageing process if they are eaten in sufficient Read More Continue reading

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